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Aircraft engine: Klimov RD-10A

Klimov RD-10A
Germany / USSR
jet engine

Configuration:single-spool axial-flow turbojet
Thrust:8,83 kN

The powerplant of first Soviet jet aircraft.

A turbojet with axial compressor. Production of the German turbojet Jumo 004 engine (which powered the Me 262 Schwalbe and Ar 234 Blitz) was continued after the Second World War in Dessau, Germany, under the Soviet occupation authorities. Because of the disagreement with the terms of Germany's demilitarisation, production was moved onto the Soviet Union territory.

The engine was modified in order to extend its lifespan and increase thrust. Vladimir Klimov's construction bureau was responsible for introducing the engine into serial production. In 1946–1948, 1300 engines were produced. In parallel, the BMW 003 turbojet engine was produced as the RD 20 and RD 21. The abbreviation RD means in Russian reactivnyi dvigatel, i.e. "jet engine". The engine was fitted to the Yakovlev Yak-17V aircraft.



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