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Aeroplane: SAAB AJSF 37 Viggen

SAAB AJSF 37 Viggen
reconnaissance plane

  • Technical data

Span 34 ft 9 in
Length 54 ft 2 in
Take-off weight 37,479 lb
Maximum speed 1,185 kt
Ceiling 59,055 ft
Range 1,215 NM
Armament four AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles
Powerplant :
Volvo RM8A rated at 25,988 lb with afterburner


In 1967 a prototype of SAAB J37 Viggen, (the thunderbolt, launched by the Norse god of war Thor), which was a successor of J 32 Lansen i J 35 Draken made its first flight. In 1970 an attack – fighter version entered production. In 1972 a two-seat training version Sk37 entered service. Maritime patrol and reconnaissance version SH37, a photo reconnaissance version SF37 and a fighter version JA37 were subsequently developed. A total number of 329 aircraft of all versions were built.
Displayed aircraft was built in 1977. In 1992 – 1998 25 SF37 aircraft were upgraded to AJSF37 standard. Modification included a computer mission planning system and ability to carry four AIM-9L/M missiles. Main equipment consists of six Matra photo cameras – three SKa-24-120, one nose and two oblique mounted for horizon – to – horizon coverage, a wide angle SKa-24-57 and two SKa-24-600 for high altitude pictures under the nose. The aircraft could also carry active and passive ECM pods.



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