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Frank Piasecki

NATO 1949-2009 Projekt ekspozycji w Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego w Krakowie

Polish Aviation Museum

31-864 Kraków,
al. Jana Pawła II 39
phone: (12) 640 99 60,
(12) 642 40 70

a cultural institution of the Malopolska Region

Małopolska – Kraków Region


Kraków Airport

Aircraft engine: PZInż. Major Typ 4 (licenced Walter Major)

PZInż. Major Typ 4 (licenced Walter Major)
inline engine

Configuration4-cylinder inverted inline
Compression ratio5.2
Weight148 kg (326 lb)
Maximum power120 hp at 2100 RPM

Czechoslovak Walter Major licence-built by the National Engineering Works at Ursus near Warsaw. It was used in the RWD‑13 aircraft. Production totalled circa 100 examples.

The engine on display was fitted to the RWD‑13 aircraft with the registration SP‑BML, famous for its daring escape from Gdynia, that was being besieged by the Germans, to Sweden on September 14th, 1939. The aircraft was interned in Sweden until the end of the war. In 1952 it had an accident. In 1998 a Swedish pilot, Viking Österlindh donated the surviving engine to the Polish Aviation Museum.



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