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Aeroplane: Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21MF (NATO: Fishbed-J) '6504'

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21MF (NATO: Fishbed-J) '6504'

  • Technical data

Span 7.15 m (23.47 ft)
Length 12.28 m (43.50 ft)
Take-off weight 9,400 kg (21,605 lb)
Maximum speed 2,230 km/h (1,200 kt)
Ceiling 18,200 m (57,750 ft)
Range 1,420 kg (766 NM)
Armament one GSh-23L 23 mm cannon and 4 AA-2 missiles, bombs or rocket launchers
Powerplant :
an R-11F2S-300 turbojet rated at 6,175 kG (13,117 lbf)


An upgraded export version of the third generation of the MiG-21 Soviet interceptor of the 1970s.

The third generation of the MiG-21 was developed based on experience from Vietnam and Arab-Israeli Wars, which proved the need of range and weapon load increase. First there appeared the MiG-21R reconnaissance fighter, with enlarged spine, housing an additional 340 l tank, and with a second pair of underwing pylons plumbed to accept drop tanks. In 1965 a fighter version MiG-21S, with dorsal tank housed in enlarged sp ine and four underwing weapon/fuel provisions inherited from the R version was developed. The aircraft was fitted with a new RP-22 radar and ASP-PFD gunsight.

A subsequent version was MiG-21SM, powered by a new R-13-300 engine and featuring integral GSh-23 ventral cannon. The export version MiG-21MF, with the engine and the RP-22 radar of the SM version was subsequently developed and produced in the years 1970–1975.

The MiG-21MF number 6504 was donated in 1996 by the No. 10 Fighter Regiment in Łask.


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