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Aeroplane: Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21U (NATO: Mongol-A)

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21U (NATO: Mongol-A)
combat trainer

  • Technical data

Span 7.15 m (23 ft 5 in)
Length 12.18 m (39 ft 11 in)
Take-off weight 7,800 kg (17,190 lb)
Maximum speed 2,175 kph (1,175 kt)
Ceiling 18,300 m (60,000 ft)
Range 1,460 km (788 NM)
Armament an A-12.7 machine gun in a gun pod under the fuselage
Powerplant :
a R-11F-300 turbojet rated at 5,740 kG (12,676 lbf)


First generation MiG-21 combat trainer variant.

The MiG-21U drew on the MiG-21 F-13 fighter. The combat trainer variant was fitted with an SPU-7 intercom, KAP-2 autopilot and damage simulation equipment. Unlike in the F-13 variant there was no internal cannon. The MiG-21U was manufactured between 1962–1968.

Poland bought 11 MiG-21U aircraft (6 type 66-400 and 5 type 66-600) in 1965 and 1966. They served with Polish air force until 1990. The example serial number 161217 was delivered June 39, 1965. It served with No. 40 Fighter Aviation Regiment based at Swidwin. Subsequently it was transferred to No. 1 Fighter Aviation Regiment at Minsk Mazowiecki. In 1990 it was donated to the Polish Aviation Museum.


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