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Aeroplane: TS-11 Iskra bis B "Red 1"

TS-11 Iskra bis B
advanced trainer

  • Technical data

Span 10.06 m (33 ft)
Length 11.15 m (36 ft 6 in)
Take-off weight 3,862 kg (8,514 lb)
Maximum speed 720 kph (405 kt, 466 mph)
Ceiling 12,500 m (41,000 ft)
Range 1,250 km (777 mi, 675 NM)
Armament none
Powerplant :
a SO-3W turbojet rated at 1,100 kG (2,400 lbf)


An aircraft from the Polish Air Force Aerobatic Team "White-Red Sparks".

The aircraft construction number 1H-0730 is the last example of the seventh production series of the Iskra (it was the third production batch of the TS-11 Iskra bis B combat trainer variant). From July 12, 1971 it served with No. 60 Air Training Regiment (ATR) in Radom. In 1986 the '0730' was repaired at No. 2 Military Aviation Facility (MAF) in Bydgoszcz. On occassions, the aircraft flew with the aerobatic team "Rombik" that used various examples from the No. 60 ATR inventory (seventh series' aircraft were considered to possess especially good flight characteristics).

In 1991 the '0730' was among the 8 aircraft chosen to form a permanent set of TS-11 of the reorganized aerobatic team, now called "Iskry" ("The Sparks") Aerobatic Team. In No. 54 Aviation Works in Radom the aircraft were modified for this task: the gun and gun camera were removed, new radio and smoke generating equipment added. A stronger SO-3W engine was fitted as well. At the same time, the aircraft were repainted according to a colour scheme designed by Lt.Col. eng. Ireneusz Fibingier. From now on, the former '0730' became the "Red 1".

The 1H-0730 was flown as the first of the modified aerobatic Iskras on July 19, 1991. The team led by Maj. eng. Tomasz Radoliński debuted during Polish Aviation Day in Poznań on August 24, 1991. Subsequently, the team performed during numerous air shows in Poland and abroad, notable example being International Air Tattoo '95. In 1997 the aircaft no. 1 was once again repaired in Bydgoszcz, where it received Bendix-King avionics.

The "Red 1" was among the last TS-11s that served with No. 60 ATR as the unit was being reequipped with PZL-130 Orlik trainers. On June 17, 2000 the aircraft of "The Sparks" Aerobatic Team were transferred to No. 58 ATR based in Dęblin (from 2001 No. 1 Aviation Training Centre). The team was renamed "White-Red Sparks".

In 2004 and 2005 the "Red 1" was flown by the Sparks' leader Col. Jerzy Leń during the I and II Malopolska Air Picnic organized by the Polish Aviation Museum. Following the expiration of its service life, the aircraft was transferred to the Museum.


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