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Aeroplane: WSK MD-12F

aerial survey aircraft

  • Technical data

Span 23.6 m
Length 15.8 m
Take-off weight 7000 kg
Maximum speed 305 km/h
Ceiling 4750 m
Range 2100 km
Powerplant :
Engine: 4 x 7-cylinder, air cooled radial WN-3C, 330 hp (244 kW)


At the beginning of the 1960's a decision was undertaken to carry out a photogrammetry version of the MD-12 prototype, following the withdrawal of the Li-2 from service, leaving a shortage of suitable aircraft for aerial photography. The MD-12 was all metal, with a seating capacity for 22 passengers, having a low cantilever wing and four engines.
Leszek Dulęba and Franciszek Misztal were responsible for building the first example of the MD-12 for static tests in March 1959.
Soon afterwards, the second prototype, SP-PAL, was built for in flight tests. August 1961 saw the next prototype, SP-PBD (MD-12P) being introduced into test service with PLL LOT Airlines and served for the regular Warsaw- Rzeszów-Warsaw route.
The adaptation of the aircraft for photogrammetry was entrusted to a team led by Marcin Fortuński with the co-operation of Leszek Dulęba. For these purposes, both the wing span and wing area were increased. The capacity of the fuel tanks in the wings was enlarged, which increased the duration of flight by 10 hours. The nose of the aeroplane was redesigned and fitted with glass. In the floor, two openings were made for special cameras.
On both sides of the fuselage, two openings for oblique aerial photography were added, replacing the last windows. A darkroom was placed behind the cockpit.
The photogrammetric MD-12F (SP-PBL) flew for the first time on 21st July 1961. In October of the same year, the factory crew flew the aeroplane for propaganda and advertising purposes on the Warsaw-Budapest-Warsaw route.
During the International Photogrammetric Conference, the aeroplane received good reports. Despite all the preparations, the MD-12 never came into production, a strong case against it being the crash of 1963, of the prototype SP-PAL during a test flight. The MD-12F came into the museum's collection in 1967, being one of the few exhibits to be delivered in flight directly to Krakow's museum.



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