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Aeroplane: Aero Ae-145

Aero Ae-145
air ambulance

  • Technical data

Span 12.25 m
Length 7.8 m
Take-off weight 1500 kg
Maximum speed 280 km/h
Ceiling 5900 m
Range 1700 km
Powerplant :
two 4-cylinder inline, inverted Walter M-332, 140 hp (103 kW)


An upgraded variant of a successful civillian utility plane designed by Aero Vodochody. Used as an air ambulance in the 1960s-1970s Poland.

Apart from combat and entertainment, the aircraft found many other uses, often taking advantage of its being the fastest vehicle available. In addition to personnel and equipment transportation, it was also used to save human lives. Thanks to its speed and the capability of reaching areas otherwise inaccessible, the aeroplane became an ally to medical services worldwide.

The Aero Ae-145 was built at the Kunovice design bureau in 1959 as a modified version of the earlier Aero 45. It was a four-seater all-metal, twin-engine low-wing monoplane intended as executive aircraft and air ambulance. The improvements consisted of technological changes and more powerful engines, allowing to keep the aircraft on the market for some years. At Let factory in Kunovice about 150 aircraft were built in 1959–61, mostly for export. The production of the Aero was stopped due to the introduction of the L-200 Morava, which was expected to gain as much popularity abroad as did the Aero Ae-145.

The Soviet Union was the main operator of the Aero Ae-145. The plane was also exported to Asia and Africa. Some examples found their way to Australia. In 1959–62, 11 Ae-145 were sold to Poland, where they were used as air ambulances until late 70s.

There are two examples of the Aero Ae-145 in the Museum inventory. The first one, s/n 172006, was manufactured in 1959 and after having served with the Institute of the Civil Air Vessels Control and with the Air Service Enterprise, was handed over to the museum. The other, s/n 172011, registration SP-LXH comes from the 1959 production batch. After completing 2800 hours of flying with the Ambulance Aviation Team in Zielona Góra, it was presented to the Museum in 1980.


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