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Aeroplane: Ilyushin (VEB) IL-14S (NATO: Crate)

Ilyushin (VEB) IL-14S (NATO: Crate)
USSR / GDR (East Germany)
transport plane

  • Technical data

Span 31.7 m
Length 21.3 m
Take-off weight 17,250 kg
Maximum speed 430 km/h
Ceiling 7400 m
Range 1500 km
Powerplant :
2 x 14 cylinder radial ASh-82T, 1900 hp (1397 kW)
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The aeroplane found its use as the fastest mode of transport at the beginning of its existence. Air transport of people and cargo required big and multi engine machines.

The Iliushin Il-14 aeroplane was designed by Sergey Iliushin, as a follower of the DC-3 and the Li-2. On 15th August the diesel powered Il-12 took to the air for the first time. The Il-12 version, powered with ASz-82 FN engines was constructed and flew on 7th January 1946. From 1948 the aeroplane went into service and by 1949, its Il-12B variant was produced. Initially the aircraft could carry 21 passengers. Later, the capacity was increased to 28. In total, 4000 examples were built. They flew in the Soviet Union and other Communist countries.

The Il-14 was an improved version of the Il-12. It first flew on 20th September 1950. The new aircraft had an unchanged fuselage but new wings and vertical rudder shape. It also had more efficient engines. The 18 passenger version, the Il-14P, went into production. In 1956 a version with an extended fuselage appeared. It could carry 24, then 28 and even 32 passengers, plus four crew. The transport version was known as the Il-14T. The military version, the Il-14D.

3500 aircraft were built between 1954–60. 80 Il-14P aircraft were built under licence in the former German Democratic Republic. Also under licence 200 aircraft known as Avia AV-14 were built in Czechoslovakia. A 42-seater version, the Avia AV-14 Super and a photogrammetric version with an extended glass nose were also built in Czechoslovakia.

The Il-14 aeroplanes were used in the Soviet Union and the satellite states. Poland bought the Il-14 for LOT Airlines and for the Air Force. The aircraft were also in service with the High Officers Flying School in Dęblin. Single examples were also used for other purposes.

The aeroplane on display, the Il-14S, is a luxury executive aeroplane, belonging to the 36th Transport Aviation Special Regiment. It was built in East Germany in 1959 and after service was given to the museum in 1987.


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