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Aeroplane: Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21M (NATO: Fishbed-J)

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21M (NATO: Fishbed-J)

  • Technical data

Span 7.15 m (23 ft 5 in)
Length 14.1 m (46 ft 3 in)
Take-off weight 8,950 kg (19,731 lb)
Maximum speed 2,230 km/h (1,200 kt)
Ceiling 17,300 m (56,750 ft)
Range 1,050 km (567 NM)
Armament a GSh-23L 23 mm cannon and 4 R-3S (AA-2) missiles, bombs or rocket launchers
Powerplant :
an R-11F2S-300 turbojet rated at 6,175 kG (13,117 lbf)


Export variant of the third generation MiG-21.

Wars in Vietnam and the Middle East had an influence on further development of the MiG-21 aircraft. Constant improvements of the fighter, by equipping it with a new radio system and better armament, was the only way to keep the aeroplane up with similar aircraft of potential enemies. It did however cause an increase in weight and a drop in performance. The manoeuvrability was also to be improved.

In 1965 the fighter version MiG-21S, with dorsal tank housed in enlarged spine and four underwing weapon/fuel provisions inherited from the R version was developed. The aircraft was fitted with a new RP-22 radar and ASP-PFD gunsight. A subsequent version was MiG-21SM, powered by new R-13-300 engine and with a built-in GSh-23 ventral cannon.

A downgraded export derivative designated MiG-21M was fitted with powerplant, radar and missile armament from the PFM version. It was powered with the improved R-11F2S-300 engine with a smooth nozzle control. The RP-21MA radar sight, used on this version, had a lower capability than the RP-22 type but featured the guidance capabilities to guide the Ch-66 air-to-surface missile (the RP-22 radar sight was not used for that). Some examples of this version could carry nuclear weapons. The MiG-21M was produced in 1968–1971. In 1971, India bought a production licence for this version.

Between 1969–1970 Poland bought 36 MiG-21M's. The example serial number 962003 left the assembly line on December 27, 1969. On January 29, 1970 it was delivered to the Polish air force. First it served with No. 41 Fighter Aviation Regiment (FAR) based in Malbork. At the end of 1973 the aircraft was transferred to No. 9 FAR in Goleniow and after four years to No. 1 FAR in Minsk Mazowiecki. In May 1995 the aircraft reached the last combat unit it would serve with, i.e. No. 10 FAR in Lask. The aircraft side number 2003 last flew in December 1998, and in 2000 it was donated to the Polish Aviation Regiment.


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