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Glider: SZD-15 Sroka

SZD-15 Sroka
advanced training glider

  • Technical data

Span 14.5 m
Length 6.9 m
Wing area 14.5 m2
Empty weight 170 kg
Take-off weight 270 kg
Glide ratio 19 at 64 km/h optimum speed
Sink rate 0.88 m/s at 58 km/h economy speed
Minimum speed 49 km/h
Max. diving speed 200 km/h


This is a single seater training glider ,designed as a high wing strutter with fuselage of hexagonal section. It was designed in 1955, as a follower of the "Komar" gliders. The chief designer was engineer Zbigniew Badura. The first prototype flew in February 1956. Test conclusions led to the building of the second prototype SZD-15-2 Sroka (magpie), SP-1667 number. The test flights were carried out from February up until March 1957. Serial production took place at the Sport Aviation Works in Krosno, where series of 20 gliders was built. Career of the "Srokas" was not bright but they served with the aeroclubs until the half of 1970's.The glider on display is the "SP-1726 Sroka", which was in service with the Bielsko-Biała Aero-club until 1976.
Worth mentioning is the fact, that the SZD-15 "Sroka" is the second glider carrying this name. The pre-war "Sroka", designed by Antoni Kocjan and built in quantity of 36 examples, did not survived in the museums collection.


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