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Aircraft engine: RAF 4a Daimler

RAF 4a Daimler
Great Britain
inline engine

Configuration12-cylinder V
Displacement13.2 l (805 cu in)
Compression ratio4.2
Weight300 kg (661 lb)
Maximum power150 hp at 1,800 RPM

The engine has a rare EOI (side-valve inlet, exhaust overhead) valvetrain configuration and cast iron cylinders. It was a developed from the RAF 1a engine. The 4a differed from it by the lack of the flywheel, replaced by fuel pump drive.

The RAF (Royal Aircraft Factory) was one of few manufacturers of the time producing both airframes and engines. Additionally, two other companies built the RAF 4, namely Siddeley-Deasy and Daimler Co. Ltd, both based in Coventry. The engine powered the RAF B.E.12, the RAF R.E.7 and the RAF R.E.8 aircraft.


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