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Aircraft engine: Klimov VK-105PF2

Klimov VK-105PF2
inline engine

Configuration12-cylinder V
Displacement35 l (1,769.7 cu in)
Compression ratio7.1
Propeller reduction gear ratio0.59
Weight614 kg (1,250 lb)
Maximum power1,300 hp at 2,700 RPM
Climb power1175 hp

Basic aircraft engine of Soviet fighters of world war II.

In the first half of the 1930s, Soviet Union bought a licence for French Hispano-Suiza engines. Taking advantage of thus obtained foreign technological solutions, Vladimir Klimov with his construction bureau designed a series of powerplants. Among them was the WK-105 PF2. Alexander Yakovlev's construction bureau, developing fighter aircraft for which the powerplants were intended, co-operated with Klimov. The engine was developed further, however performance was increased at the expense of the engine's life span. Despite that, the WK-105 in different variants was one of the most popular aircraft engines manufactured in Soviet Union.

The VK-105 engine is fitted with six carburettors – one per every two cylinders and a two speed supercharger. A cannon, firing through the propeller shaft could be placed between the cylinder rows. The engine was used on the Yakovlev's and Lavochkin's fighters and on the Petlyakov's Pe-2 dive bomber.



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