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Aircraft engine: WSK Lis-2 (licenced Klimov VK-1A)

WSK Lis-2 (licenced Klimov VK-1A)
USSR / Poland
jet engine

Thrust2,700 kG (5,952 lbf, 26.5 kN)
Compression ratio4.0
Weight872 kg (1922 lb)

Licenced variant of the engine that powered first MiG jets.

A turbojet engine, with single-stage dual-entry centrifugal compressor, nine combustion chambers and single-stage axial flow turbine. The VK‑1A engine was designed in 1949 at Klimov Design Bureau on the basis of British Rolls-Royce Nene engine, purchased in Great Britain, and manufactured in the USSR as RD‑45F. The RD‑45F engine was used in the MiG‑15 fighter, and the VK‑1A in its improved version, the MiG‑15bis, as well as in MiG‑17 and Il‑28.

In 1955 Poland purchased licence for the MiG‑15bis, which was manufactured by WSK Mielec as Lim‑2, and the VK‑1A engine, manufactured by WSK Rzeszów as Lis‑2 (abbreviation of "Licenced Engine – 2" in Polish).


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