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Aircraft engine: WSK Lit-3 (licenced Ivchenko AI-26)

WSK Lit-3 (licenced Ivchenko AI-26)
USSR / Poland
radial engine

Configuration7-cylinder radial
Displacement20.6 l (1,220 cu in)
Compression ratio6.4
Maximum power575 hp at 2,200 RPM
Climb power460 hp at 2,050 RPM

An engine intended for helicopters. It is a version of the Soviet Ivchenko AI-26V engine, licence-built in Poland by PZL Rzeszów. In mid-50s Poland purchased the license for the Mi-1 helicopter and its engine.

The engine is fitted with a single-stage supercharger, a bevel gear transmission assembly, driving the main and tail rotor, a clutch for smooth coupling and decoupling the engine with the rotors and a cooling fan. Compressed air is used for the engine startup. It was a powerplant of the SM-1 (license-built Mi-1) and SM-2 helicopters.



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