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Aircraft engine: Ivchenko AI-24TW

Ivchenko AI-24TW
turbine engine

Configurationsingle-shaft turboprop engine with 10-stage axial compressor and a three-stage turbine
Weight600 kg (1323 lb)
Climb power2,230 hp (1,640 kW)
Maximum power2,820 hp (2,076 kW)

Powerplant of Soviet mid-range transport aircraft.

A turboprop engine developed in the 1950s by a team supervised by Alexander Ivchenko. In production since 1961, the AI-24 was used as powerplant of the An-24 passenger and An-26 cargo aircraft. The TV variant intended for the An-26 has higher power output than the basic version thanks to the increase in both the engine pressure ratio and the mass flow.



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