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Aircraft engine: RAF 3a Napier

RAF 3a Napier
Great Britain
inline engine

Configuration12-cylinder V 60°
Displacement17.2 l (1,049.4 cu in)
Compression ratio5.3
Weight390 kg (860 lb)
Maximum power260 hp at 1,750 RPM

The engine was designed at the Royal Aircraft Factory based on the 8-cylinder RAF 1. A notable feature was that both intake and exhaust valves controlled by a single pushrod. Production of the new model was undertaken by Armstrong Whitworth and D. Napier & Son Ltd. The RAF 3a was the main production variant with increased bore compared to the original RAF 3 design.

260 examples overall were built by Napier & Son in addition to 29 manufactured by Armstrong Whitworth. The engine was fitted to the Airco DH.4 light bomber.



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