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Aircraft engine: Mikulin AM-35A

Mikulin AM-35A
inline engine

Configuration12-cylinder V
Displacement46.7 l (2,807 cu in)
Compression ratio7.0
Weight830 kg (1,829 lb)
Maximum power1,350 hp at 2,050 RPM
Climb power1,200 hp

The AM-35 was designed to fulfill the demand of Russian Air Force for a powerful engine for fighter aircraft. It originated from the M-34 engine, designed during 1929–1931 by a team led by A. Mikulin. It was a very perspective design, which was undergoing multiple modifications in the following years, establishing the family of more and more powerful engines.

In 1937 the AM-37 engine with increased RPM and compression ratio was designed. After the malfuctions of the valves and supercharger had been removed, it entered production under the designation AM-35A. Before the outbreak of World War II the AM-35A was one of the leading inline engine designs, it was also the most powerful and heaviest Soviet engine of that type. It was used in MiG-1, MiG-3 and TB-7 aircraft.



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